Rock of Peace Web Design
Our design approach is simple. You, the client, know what you want, and therefore you retain control throughout the process. We encourage you to register your own domain, and if appropriate manage your own hosting. That way, if we ever part company (which of course we hope we don’t!) then there’s no hassle - the site is yours.

We discuss content every step of the way. Indeed, you know a lot more about what you want to say than we do, so we’ll rely on your expertise in your business. To that, we can add our design skills, our technical knowledge and our understanding of what works on the world wide web.

Once you’re happy with the site, it doesn’t stop there. We can manage and maintain it together, and early tweaks and changes are all part of the initial package. After that, we can agree an approach to updates, tailoring the frequency and quantity to the needs of your business.